Dirt Modified Cooling System

1463038 626818454026615 834189981 nThe Dirt Modified cooling system is a "FULL SYSTEM" of individual components that are each essential to the overall performance of the entire system.  

All of Art's Radiator parts are designed to operate together and compliment each other.  

The overall system is designed to reduce maintenance, keep the system cleaner from dirt and debris, and provide the optimal cooling cycyle.  From the flip of the switch the Art's Radiator cooling systems is working harder than any system out there to keep your system cool. 

Below you fill find all of the componets for the Dirt Modified Cooling System. 

Select by Cooling Componet


Fits PA & DIRT Spec motors 
has 3/8 NPTF fitting for rear cooling lines

Fits 23" X 23" & Stacker w/ 2" mounts
Fits Behind Mounting Bar
Fits 23" X 23" Radiator and Stacker Radiators
Fits 2" and up Mounts

The Dirt Modified Radiator designed for the crate type engines (and open sportsman) are designed as part of the Art's Radiator cooling systems.   All pluming options are avaialbe to build off of when required.   This radiator includes the following:  Upper and Lower ports ect ect