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Your Cooling System:

With engine development becoming more improved over the years every component of your cooling system becomes more important.

Radiator Design:

Using the right core with the correct FPI (Fins per inch) and tube spacing is very important in dissipating


Protect your Radiator:

Bent Fins can cause decreased air flow through your radiator. We recommend using our core saver to prevent this from happening. (Page 10)

Maintenance and Diagnostics:

A simple little thing as a leaking radiator cap can cause temperature in your engine to rise.  Here at Art's we pressure check every cap we sell on our dyno tank. A pressure checker is a must in every garage.  While doing engine maintenance you can test your cooling

system in its own environment and help prevent problems. (Page 17)

A radiator will function better if it's clean. To help clean your radiator we recommend using our blow gun which discharges air through the side to get those hard to reach spots


Tech Notes-Finishing your system right